Making the Most of Scholarship Opportunities

Are you currently taking out loans to help pay your way through college tuition?  With tuition rates rising at an alarming rate each year, it is causing students to take out larger loans with high interest rates.  Across the nation for the 2007-2008 year, the average undergraduate tuition and fees, including room and board for full-time students for a four year institution, was $13,424.

Scholarships can alleviate some of this financial burden.  Whether they help you, the scholarship will fill in the gap between the cost of your student loan your financial aid or prevent your from taking out loans in the first place, you can’t loose by applying for them.

Currently, PRSSA is offering 1 scholarship and 2 grants: the John D. Graham Scholarship worth $5,000, the PRSA Health Academy Grant, and the PRSA Travel and Tourism Section Grant. For further information on these money savers, go to

By majoring in public relations, you are eligible to apply for the WSU Comm. Dept. scholarships:
Renne M. Abraham Harries Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Public Relations
Jeannine Gregory Memorial Scholarship in Public Relations

Last year, PRSSA members from the WSU Chapter won more than $3,500 in scholarships.  Don’t be another statistic; there’s money out there, you just need to take the time out to look for it.

— Holly Creed, VP of Member Services


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