Joining PRSA after Graduation

It’s no secret that one of the most important elements to public relations is networking.

It’s is one of those tricky things that you can’t really master by reading a textbook.  Being comfortable with it and building your PR network base comes with experience.

Wayne State PRSSA will give you plenty of opportunities to master the art of networking.  Trust me: by the time you graduate, you will know the Detroit PR industry very well.  It’s likely that you will even have gone bowling or had brunch with many of these professionals.  And, if you’re like many other PRSSA members, you will have your coveted stash of business cards that you tirelessly acquired throughout the years.

But what about the next step?  What do you do once you graduate, and are looking for a job?  What about all of those PRSSA experiences and relationships that you built?  Here’s the exciting part: they carry over into PRSA, the Public Relations Society of America.

Once you graduate, it’s time to hang with the big dogs, and in order to fully benefit, it is extremely important to join PRSA as a professional.

Being a PRSA member means that you are in the know.  You will be exposed to ever-changing research findings, conferences that will open your eyes to aspects of PR that you never even imagined, and multiple nationally known PR publications.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg. When you join PRSA, you are putting your mark on the PR world.  You are providing yourself with a huge base of professionals to help you, and who in turn, will look to you for advice and ideas.

If you’re graduating, don’t wait to join PRSA.  If you are active in PRSSA at the time of graduation, then a PRSA membership is only $60 per year.  You will be an Associate Member, which means that you either have less than two years experience in the PR field or you are a graduate student.

It’s a new school year, which means that you have plenty of time and opportunities to utilize PRSSA.  Take advantage of everything PRSSA has to offer, and if you’re graduating within the next couple of semesters, then take that foundation that you’ve created, and become an active member of PRSA!  In public relations, the possibilities are endless.  Let PRSA be part of what is going to make your PR career unstoppable.


— Erica Rogers, VP of Chapter Development


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