Internship Do’s and Don’ts

Pre-internship/interview tips:

  • DO treat the interview like it is a real world job – you should WOW them.
  • DO NOT stretch your accomplishments and experiences, professionals do not expect you to hit the ground running. Be honest and admit that while you may not have experience in a particular thing, use examples from other unrelated experiences. For example, I worked in a restaurant my first year of college waiting tables – but how does this help with my potential internship/job? Multi-tasking, customer service, time management …etc.
  • DO utilize social sites. It doesn’t hurt to research companies and learn how they rely on social media.
  • DO NOT put incriminating information on your social sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. There is technology out there to get around your security settings. If you do not want your mom seeing something on there, then you definitely do not want your boss to see it either.

During your internship:

  • DO be on time – This is a given, right?
  • DO NOT forget to communicate if something comes up – If you’re not able to work that day – CALL – in advance. We have all had jobs and you have to be honest and communicative.

  • DO ask questions – This your time to learn more than you ever will in the classroom.
  • DO NOT ask annoying questions – Professionals will appreciate your inquiry but don’t over-do. Try to do some independent research instead. Many professionals will be willing to help, so take advantage of their expertise.
  • DO provide honest opinions/feedback – if you are asked your opinion – GIVE IT – they clearly want it.
  • DO NOT interject – First, it is rude. Plus you may come off like a know-it-all. It may rub people the wrong way.
  • DO ask for work – Some days in PR may not be too busy, but be proactive.  Ask if there are things you can assist with. Pros will usually welcome the help and it looks great that you’re showing initiative and are not just there for the credits.
  • DO NOT take work without being told – It is always better to see what you can help with instead of assuming you are allowed to do something. Most organizations have a system and even if you know what you are doing or that the help is needed, does it hurt to ask first?

Post-internship – It is over… now what?

  • DO stay in touch with the company you interned with – They will be a great connection to keep.
  • DO NOT “friend” everyone in your office and bombard them with college party invites.


— Ashleigh Chatel, VP of Professional Development


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