The “It” Moment

When you’re heavily involved with an organization, at some point, you have your “it” moment.  The “it” moment is the realization or experience that occurs that emotionally binds you to the organization.  For my involvement with PRSSA, the moment came when I participated in a competition with Liz Trudeau, Jenna Huskinson and Nubia Brewster.  We created a campaign proposal for Lutheran Social Services of Michigan (LSSM) to help raise awareness about foster care.  The winning team would have the opportunity to work with LSSM to actually implement the campaign.

Our team dedicated so much heart to the competition.  For us, the process was about learning.  When we started the proposal, most of us had little connection to LSSM and foster care, and none of us were entirely sure of all of the details that go into creating a campaign proposal.  By the end of the process, that was no longer true.  Our campaign proposed to create a book exchange event at a local YMCA where there would be different resources to help raise awareness about the importance of foster care.

The day we presented our campaign at Eastern Michigan University’s Student Development conference, I was more nervous than I would like to admit.  Our months of work, sleepless nights, and newly discovered connection to the cause all led up to this moment.  As I stood in front of the room, the only thing that kept me partially calm was my three teammates and friends standing there with me.  Despite my heart beating uncontrollably, and my legs visibly shaking, we presented our proposal.  When we finished, I remember thinking that no matter the outcome of the competition, I would be happy, because I had no regrets about our presentation.

However, we soon found out that we had won, and we now have the opportunity to work with LSSM to implement our campaign.  We are very excited to share this opportunity with other PRSSA members, and we are looking for dedicated members to help produce this campaign.

My hope is that some of our members can have their “it” moment with this campaign just like I did.  It was during this competition that I became truly passionate about PRSSA, and without it, I would be in a very different place than I am right now.

If you are interested in learning more about the campaign or would like more information about working on it, please do not hesitate to contact us at

— Erica Rogers, VP of Chapter Development


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