Advantages of an Active Member

Being a late bloomer in public relations and communications, I knew I needed direction for my future career. I am a communications major but had recently found interest in public relations. This is when I had heard about PRSSA and became a regular attendee.

In my first year as an active member of PRSSA, I have been introduced to opportunities that I could not experience within the classroom. I didn’t realize how important experience was in the public relations and communications field.  I knew I wanted to go into communications but didn’t know what direction I wanted to pursue.  I realized I wasn’t the only undecided student.

By joining PRSSA, I have access to professionals, special events and information that will benefit my career.

A few events and speakers included:  Mary Henige, the director of Social Media & Digital Communications at GM; the Protégé Program, which allows students to connect with a professional in a desired field; a ticket to the #140 Conference Detroit created by Jeff Pulver, who invited business professionals around the country to introduce the facts; a résumé workshop for students in need of professional assistance and social movie gatherings with PRSSA officers and members – just to name a few.

I have become more appreciative of professionals like Mary Henige for her time commitment  and knowledge she offers Wayne State students. I admire her as a professional resource and look forward to the many more resources available to PRSSA members.

I encourage students in pursue of a degree in public relations/communications and to become involved in PRSSA. The resources available have allowed me to step outside my comfort zone, access to a mentor professional and meet incredible people throughout the school year.

I personally have gained a professional mentor and a friend with Susan Rogers – a director of Member Relations and Marketing at Society for College & University Planning, an active Twitter account, multiple PR resources and wonderful friends through the journey. PRSSA opens doors and offers students opportunities professionals seek in an aspiring professional.


Post by Amy Bass, Wayne State PRSSA and October Member of the Month


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