Are social media jobs here to stay? (via Management and Career)

Here is an interesting article about the future for social media jobs. While the social media specific careers have exploded and may or may not prosper in 10 years it’s still a valuable asset to the field of public relations.

“As the field matures, Durbin and others foresee widespread restructuring. To prepare, Durbin is opening a social media consulting and placement firm designed for mid-career professionals, where he sees the most growth potential. Durbin foresees that it’s just a matter of time until dubiously qualified social media experts, both young and old, but especially those with little to no experience, are exposed.”

The demand for social media jobs has exploded, even as overall unemployment heads in the opposite direction. But in a fledgling field surrounded by hype, some industry insiders are saying it may be too good to last. By Anne VanderMey, contributor With billions of dollars on offer for fledgling social media companies and even the biggest corporations refining their approach to the Tweet, the budding social media industry seems like a goldmine for … Read More

via Management and Career


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