General Motors welcomed Wayne State PRSSA students to global HQ



Friday, March 25th,  PRSSA members were invited meet with and tour General Motors . The experience was informative, interesting, and exciting.  Three GM communications employees, who are also Wayne State Alumni, welcomed PRSSA members to their headquarters to share their advice and insight into the world of public relations.

GM Director of Social Media and Digital Communications and Wayne State PRSSA Professional Advisor, Mary Henige,  invited PRSSA students. The time with GM was focused on the importance of social media and digital communication. Henige took the group on a digital tour of GM’s online employee website. As communicators, she noted that we need to be reminded that as technology continues to evolve, it is imperative to make everything social and continue to update content daily.

Manager, GM Social Media, Rebecca Harris started at General Motors as an intern and was hired shortly after. Harris exuded excitement and loyalty for the company. She has worked year-round on Chevy’s (the largest GM brand by 70%) sponsorship of the Chevy South by Southwest (SXSW). According to Harris, Chevy has exceeded sponsorship expectations of SXSW for the past two years.  She also spoke of the importance of having evaluation tools in place to summarize the findings of their failures and successes. She explained that for her job, using these tools can help provide feedback to examine changes the team can make to further achieve success.

Tom Henderson, communications manager, Sales, Economic & Industry Trends, shared his experiences GM and the importance of PR professionals. Tom recenly completed a monthly press release of GM’s sales report. “Information such as this press release is important to the company, stock holders, and potential market buyers because it serves as an indicator of the company’s performance. It is our responsibility to share the company’s story,” Henderson said.

Henige concluded the tour with a few takeaways for developing professional resumes and further advised us as aspiring PR professionals.

As students, we are thankful for the time and continued dedication these professionals provide for students’ advancement into the PR profession.

Written by PRSSA Member Teresa Henderson


One response to “General Motors welcomed Wayne State PRSSA students to global HQ

  1. Nice post, Teresa. I’m sure you’re proud of your Dad. We were very happy to host your chapter.

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