Meet: Gabby Fawaz, Public Relations Director

My name is Gabrielle Fawaz, but I go by Gabby.  I am the new public relations director. I am a senior at Wayne State University and my major is public relations; honor, and my minor is media arts production.

I’ve interned for Clear Channel Communication on Channel 95.5 with Buda. I’ve also met and interviewed a bunch of celebrities, film writers, and musicians for The South End student newspaper. Some examples are Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network,) Armie Hammer (The Social Network,) Aaron Sorkin, Sarah Silverman, Matt Walsh (Step Brothers,) Ian Roberts (I Love You, Man,) The Avery Set.

As a board member I am looking forward to working with all the members, improving the chapter, helping plan events, improving my PR skills and spending time with everyone! In the future I’d like to work for a record label out in California, or for any aspect of the entertainment industry, really!

I also love news writing and interviewing people. I plan to help the chapter by always being available to the members, working my hardest to improve SALUTE, and coming up with exciting new ideas to keep everyone involved. I’d also like to get our name out there more, and stress the importance of joining PRSSA for any communications major. I’d like to go to communication classes and hand out flyers and get names from people who are interested in joining! I love keeping myself busy and helping others. You can talk to me about anything, I’m very friendly!


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