Meet: Damon Flemings, VP of Member Services

My name is Damon Flemings and I am a senior at Wayne State University, majoring in journalism along with a minor in business.  I choose to join Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) after consulting with a few of my professors. They informed me how great the organization was, and the networking, team building and leadership opportunities that are available to members.

My eagerness to join PRSSA was absolutely overwhelming. I remember one day sitting in one of my communication classes (COM 2160 to be exact) and in walks Lauren Dissmore, former Vice President of Member Services for PRSSA.  After hearing her message, I remember thinking, “where do I sign up?” I knew that PRSSA would be a great start for my future career goals and aspirations.

I am thankful that I signed up and later ran for an executive board position. I was appointed VP of Member Services for PRSSA. This is an absolute honor and a privilege; I feel as though I have won an academy award, yet my journey is just starting. I plan to work with my colleagues to strategically take on the needs and goals of this organization on every level, and to market our organization and recruit new members at Wayne State.


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