Inside the Internship: Airfoil Public Relations

This week we are dedicating our blog to internships, everything from the search to how to behave in the interview. Today’s post was written by Tracey Shavers, an alum of Wayne State University and Wayne State PRSSA. Shavers is an intern at Airfoil Public Relations, a high tech PR agency with offices in Detroit and Silicon Valley.

My time at Airfoil seems to have flown by with the speed of a 747 jet. The message alerting me it was time to write this piece seemed as though it came too soon. Three months had gone by and I didn’t even notice. Suffice to say I was having a great deal of fun and learning way more than I anticipated.

After the first on-boarding meeting concluded (word to future interns, these folks are serious about their on-boarding) I was thrown into account work. Not “just an intern” responsible for the bagels, I was pitching major outlets for technology powerhouse Microsoft my first week.

The first week of my internship really set the tone for how the remainder of my experience would be – fast. You always hear people within this industry say that working at an agency is, in many ways, the boot camp of PR. If this is true, please excuse my bulging muscles.

What resonates the most is the amount of work the account teams have entrusted me with. The majority of my time has been spent with the various Microsoft accounts doing a number of things from pitching consumer products to blogger relations (something totally new for me).

 I got some great tips on that here .

Saying I learned and experienced a lot during my internship at Airfoil would be a huge understatement. Thus for future interns, or those simply interested in knowing some of the great takeaways from my internship, I would like to share a few things I learned along the way …

To read  the rest of Tracey’s post and what she learned during her internship at Airfoil Public Relations, click here


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