Meet the E-Board: Meaghan Priebe, PRSSA President

My name is Meaghan Priebe, at Wayne State I am a senior. I transferred from Schoolcraft College and I am studying public relations.

President of the James S. Measell Chapter of PRSSA, Meaghan Priebe

I have a little bit of public relations experience. I worked at the Golf Show Expo in Novi with Garland golf resort and with Design Incentives at vendor shows. With both companies, I took on the role of creating a positive and professional face for the businesses.

As the President of the Wayne State University PRSSA chapter, I am looking forward to connecting students to the public relations world and gain invaluable experience. I would like to bring enthusiasm and more awareness towards the chapter— getting more and more students involved. As for my future career, I would like to coordinate major events, interviews, and photo shoots for a large company (such as a magazine).


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