Meet the E-Board: Katelyn O’Neal, Vice President of Programming

My name is Katie O’Neal and I am the Vice President of Programming. I am a fourth year public relations student. I joined PRSSA last year to meet other students with a common interest, experience different aspects of PR and network with professionals. Being a busy body on campus is nothing new and certainly will not change. I enjoy being involved in anything I can get my hands on- learning is so important! I also find time to be a co-outreach coordinator for EcoCAR2. Between all the craziness of school I regain my sanity through dancing. Dancing has been a huge part of my life since I was a little girl. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to dance at a professional level for two different organizations in the past two years.

With my spunky and outspoken personality I see myself as a good asset to the executive board.  What I bring to the table is good eyes and ears because I always find myself observing things that most do not and I listen very well. I’m taking my time with school and have no intentions to stop learning, but after graduation I hope to be working in a fast pace agency setting.

PRSSA was one of the greatest organizations I could have got involved in. The connections I have made will take me very far in my career and I cant wait for it to happen!


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