Meet the E-Board: Shelby Caverly, Alumni Relations

Shelby Caverly, Alumni Relations

My name is Shelby Caverly and like many of you, I am a PR junkie! I am going into my 4th year here at Wayne State and can honestly say that I love my major.  It took me until the second semester of my sophomore year to realize that I can actually make a living out of doing my two favorite things; writing and talking a lot!

One of the best decisions I have ever made for my academic career was joining PRSSA, and not just because I made some amazing friends, but because I truly am introduced to some extremely beneficial experiences.

Through the past few years, I have been testing the waters in regards to what I desire my dream career to be.  As of right now I am a tad undecided, but I would love to eventually become a part of the Team Detroit family.

In addition to being involved with PRSSA, and serving on its executive board, I am also extremely involved with Greek life on campus.  My main passion is my sorority and am proud to call myself an Alpha Gamma Delta.  I love the fact that I am spending my time in college being as busy as possible, because in all honesty, we are only in college once, so why not make the best of our time here!


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