Your Career is Yet to Come

By Meaghan Priebe

As I began my first (legitimate) internship, an epiphany arose.  There is no way I am going to be able to have a career that I am not passionate about.   Going into a field where, let’s face it, writing is your main focus, I have finally realized that I better love what I am going to be writing about.

Though I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to gain and improve upon my skills at my current internship, I write blogs and news releases non-stop on products and subjects I have zero interest in.  Sure, this may be the “thrill of PR” – the thrill of being able to turn boring things into something interesting – but I am convinced it is much easier to do this when have an interest in the product that you writing for.

I <3 PR

Okay, okay… so I sound immature, naive, even snotty, but there is no way I am going to enjoy my career forcing my creativity on a product I am not passionate about.

My advice for myself?  Use every internship and college class as a stepping stone (and I am not trying to reiterate what every PR professional and professor engraves in you), I am saying though I do not enjoy the particular products I am writing about now, I am enjoying hearing feedback from my supervisor, and gaining tips from her on which how to tie-in interesting/related articles, stories and websites, on the subjects assigned to me.  Not to mention that every bit of experience shown on my resume, and published piece of work I create added to my portfolio, will help lead me to that dream career I will one day have.

So.  As I place my first blog post for this semester on here, I feel now, more than ever, to live by my own advice.  When I am getting that, “I cannot write another paper, blog, newsletter, press release, memo, or email, without ripping my eyeballs out,” feeling, I will revert to this.  And to all you other, “young professionals” out there; stay motivated, and remember, it’s okay to not love your internship, just remember this feeling when deciding where to apply for you big-girl (or boy) job!

careers road sign


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