Fighting the Stress of Senior Year

By Alisha Merrow

Like many of you, I am about to take the big step into my last year of college. It’s an exciting, scary, exhausting and fulfilling time in any college student’s life. I have begun to worry about my work experience, fitting those last classes I need into my schedule and what I’m going to do once I actually get my degree. If any of you are equally as stressed out, I have a couple of tips that might help.

  • Take on as many internships as you can handle in your last year. I envisioned spending my last summer of freedom relaxing by the pool and hanging out with friends. I could still do that, or I could add an internship which I could later add to my resume and work experience. Also, if you find yourself with a good amount of free time next semester, or you have a couple days off, you should consider finding an internship. They aren’t generally a huge time commitment, but they will provide you with the experience and insight that a classroom can’t.
  • Become more involved in PRSSA. This past year, I was not a very active member of PRSSA. I went to some events, but that was the extent of it. Next year, I am planning to apply for an E-Board position because I want to become active. Getting involved with PRSSA can mean making connections and networking with people that you wouldn’t have been able to meet, otherwise. Becoming an active member can provide great opportunities if you let it.
  • Don’t fall into the senioritis trap. If you were anything like me my senior year of high school, you were a slacker. I would let assignments slip by because I was almost done with school and I just didn’t care. Don’t let that happen to you. Make sure that up until you receive your degree you are working just as hard as your first year.
  • Plan carefully when registering for classes your final year. Make sure that classes you aren’t planning on taking in the fall will still be offered in the winter. You can talk to the professors or to past students. Don’t be the person who has to stay an extra semester because they didn’t check carefully enough.
  • Talk to an adviser. An adviser will let you know if you’re on track and will also be able to help you with questions that you have. Google is a great place to find information, but talking to an experienced professional is a lot more powerful.

Take these tips into consideration before going into meltdown mode and hopefully you will have a better state of mind. Approaching graduation is an exciting time in life that should be celebrated, not stressed over!


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