Six Thoughts for a Productive Spring Break

By Meaghan Priebe

Well… this week is spring break and if you are anything like me, you plan on being “productive”and using all this free time wisely to catch up on readings and work for your classes. And again, if you are anything like me, we know this doesn’t ever happen.

Instead of planning my spring break methodically of designated homework times, I am going use my time on whatever I feel like I, don’t actually ever, have time to do.  Here are the things I would like to focus on:

  • Reading:

I tend to read the bare minimum when it comes to school (and when I say bare minimum I mean I kind of scan the pages).  What I have realized is that I love reading when it comes to informational things I am interested in; fashion, beauty, health, fitness, success, basically the “better yourself” advice and tips books. That being said, I would like to read, and finish, a book over break.

  • Blogging:

Social media has really become an interesting subject to me this semester.  If not start a blog of my own – I would like to form a hefty list of blogs to follow, covering a plethora of topics.  Then, focus on my own social media outlets; twitter, Facebook, pinterest and instagram, to strengthen, re-organize and find/create content.

  • Dance!

I love, love, love dancing.  I grew up dancing competitively (tap, jazz, lyrical, ballet, hip hop), and still teach now.  Over break I would like to take as many classes as possible, and maybe even teach a few classes. Hopefully, also get serious time in on planning my next trip to L.A. to take classes. Eek!

  • Clean and organize

Let’s not even get started on what my house looks like right now

  • Summer situation

Umm, I need a summer internship/job. Help!  This past week I have applied, to like a bazillion places, and am now patiently waiting to hear back. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Homework

Ok, ok, homework is on the list, I mean, it does have to get done sometime.


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