5 Tips to Landing a Paid Internship

By Alisha Merrow

Every student dreams of getting a paid internship. But how does it actually happen? Any student can tell you that it doesn’t come easy. Since I just landed my first one (yay!), I have included some helpful tips.

1. Have previous internship experience
If you are expecting a paid internship your first time around, your expectations are way too high.1

2. Do research on the company before the interview
Why would a company want to pay someone who doesn’t even know what their business objectives are?


3. Make sure you have a strong portfolio
This could mean writing for the PRSSA blog or Salute (cough, cough), including class work, previous internship work or any other writing that you are proud of.

(OK, maybe not THIS big)

4. Always send thank you follow-ups
Many professionals I’ve spoken to have told me how much they appreciate a thank you note or email. A few seconds out of your day will be worth it!

5. Be patient
You aren’t always going to find out immediately and you aren’t always going to get the internship of your dreams. Hang tight until you find the right fit for you!


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