Order the Pumpkin Spice Latte

By: Katie Pusz

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a Wayne State student with a tight schedule that barely allows for imperfections such as: any grade lower than B+, sleeping in, being late for your toughest class’ lecture, or calling in sick to work. More often than not, college – the supposed “best years of your life” – seems like a living Hell, and nine out of ten mornings you wake up for anyone and everyone else’s benefit but your own.

Well, I’m here to tell you that I’ve been there and I get it! And so does every other college student world-wide – you are not alone. But more important than your empathy soaked epiphany is the gravest, life-enhancing understanding that you have to do something about it – you have to live for yourself, and you have to make every day worth your while. I can tell you to believe that wasting your life away studying ancient Rome will pay off in ten years when you have your dream job – which, unless you’re a history major – probably won’t have anything to do with Rome, but I’d be giving advice I myself don’t even believe.Yes, you have to take classes that require extensive hours of boredom, er, I mean studying and tear-provoking assignments, and yes it will work to your benefit several years down the road when you’re out of college and in the workforce spending your day pleasing the Boss man, but it’s not benefiting you today.

Your mission today and every day should be to color the world in your favorite shade and create a memory so sweet you’ll never forget the taste, because in ten years you’ll be ten years older gripping on to a youth you can barely recall. So make the effort to express your college years – step away from the books to dance to your favorite song, take a day off of work to see a friend, spend a little of the money you work so hard for, or – if you’re like me – just take a moment to wait in the trendy, chatty coffee shop line and order yourself a pumpkin spice latte (PSL, for the trendy Detroiters out there like myself). I know – there are several problems with ordering a PSL that provokes what I like to call the ‘pre-coffee jitters’, but as with any change you must accept the facts:

  1. The calories will probably put you over your daily allowance. Fear not, for splurging one day a week won’t make you gain any undesired weight.
  2. You could be studying in the time it takes to actually place your order and receive your drink
  3. You probably worked an annoying job for at least twenty minutes to a half hour just to pay for this. Yet, it is all completely worth it.

You see, I live for three months a year – October, November and December. I call them the “three months of baking” because I love to bake, and each month gives me a new creativity challenge. Whether I’m developing a new ghoulish cupcake recipe, making a pumpkin dessert in the shape of a pumpkin, or Santa-fying all of my family’s food, I’m doing something holiday themed. And if you think this is silly you can join the rest of my family and friends in their unofficial clique of judgment and I won’t mind, because these silly things bring me to life. It’s my tiny mark in the world, my drop in the ocean, my MO, my Katie-ness. And to me, I believe it is healthy and undeniably necessary for living to have an obsession and make time for it. The holidays are my time to trade in my books for cupcake tins and cookie-cutters so that I myself don’t turn into a cookie-cutter. No, I’m not saying flunk your Fall semester to live everyday like a holiday, but I am saying to make time every day – be it any month, season, occasion or non-occasion – to put the extra beat in your heart. You won’t forget how to find X in the two hours you stepped away to play baseball with a friend, watch your favorite movie, talk to your parents, have dinner with a friend, or practice yoga in your most calming space. Just do it – just order the pumpkin spice latte.



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