The Young Pro Breakfast & Chat: What We Learned

By: Courtney Zemke


On Thursday, Sept. 11, Wayne State PRSSA hosted their very first Young Pro Breakfast & Chat. Our panel consisted of four young professionals in the Detroit area who recently graduated and had lots of knowledge to share.

With donuts, muffins, bagels, coffee & OJ in hand, we started the conversation with the difference between corporate and agency PR. Two hours later, we had covered much more. Here are the highlights:


Kyle Suba: Weber Shandwick @kylesuba

Carly Getz: BCBSM @cpGetz

Kristen Selasky: Lowe Campbell Ewald @kselask

Adriane Davis: BCBSM @AdrianePatrice


  • Corporate PR is very specialized whereas agency PR offers varied experience and exploring.
  • Make time for yourself, it’s easy to get lost in the industry.
  • Sometimes you have to reinvent yourself after graduating college. Find your identity in your new role.
  • In college you always know what to do because there are benchmarks. After college, you need to establish your own goals and standards. Remember, you can always do more and you can always learn more.
  • You need to have thick skin in this industry and not take everything personally.
  • Before you ask a question, make sure you show that you put some thought into it. Don’t ask your boss a question if you can google it.
  • Use LinkedIn! Join groups to enable connecting.
  • Talk to lower level people at a company to get your foot in the door.
  • There is a difference between being an over achiever and a high performer. Be the high performer.
  • Email étiquette is important. Know your audience.
  • Have no fear. Tell yourself, “I got this!”



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