3 Takeaways from Our SS Digital Media Agency Tour

By: Amanda Knaebel


SS Digital Media welcomed Wayne State University PRSSA students into their Troy office on Nov. 21 to share their stories, career paths and provide advice to the aspiring public relations professionals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Communication is going DIGITAL!

Virtually all businesses need an online platform to reach out and communicate with their publics. Staying updated online is crucial in today’s world. A successful online forum can equal a successful business.

  • Technology is moving too fast to teach

Technology is developing at such a rapid pace that college textbooks cannot keep up. With so many new advances, it is beneficial to learn technology skills outside of the classroom. Learning such skills will prove useful within the industry, and probably push you towards the top of the application list.

  • Write. Write. Write.

Public relations is all about communication, and generally that is through writing. Every role one can take as a PR professional will involve technical writing skills: emails, blog posts, social media content, program proposals, press releases, etc.. One recommendation from the SS Digital Media team is to create a personal blog. A personal blog could serve as an online portfolio that will showcase both writing abilities and technology skills, which can be presented to an employer.

SS Digital Media is looking for summer Interns! Remember, an internship can provide you with the first-hand experience that cannot be taught in class!


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