Five Times Interns Should Speak Up

This was first published by the nyc PR girls on Dec. 15, 2014 10:38 AM PST

By: Adrianna

A common questions amongst interns happens to be when it’s appropriate to speak up. Many interns get super quiet and tend to be shy when involved in meetings, brainstorms and events. Here are five definite times your colleagues want to hear from you.


  • During the job interview. Voice what your true interests are and what you would like to learn throughout the internship.
  • Within team meetings. Bring up some of your past experiences or insights that could better the team.
  • During office brainstorms. Your thoughts in brainstorms are gold considering your demographic is much younger than a majority of the office.
  • At work events. Staffed to attend an event? Don’t be shy if you’re stationed at check-in or mingling around the party.
  • At office get togethers. If you’re invited to “happy hour” after work with a coworker, go. And show your personality.

When else should interns speak up?

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nyc PR girls are two twenty-something PR girls who document their experiences working in the city that never sleeps since January, 2011. 



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