John J. Bailey’s “Lessons Learned”

By: Tarik Mitchell

On Monday, March 30, Wayne State University alum, Jim Bianchi of Bianchi Public Relations spoke to Shelly Najor’s Public Relations Writing – COM 4170 class about his career in PR and forming his own agency over 20 years, also he provided everyone who was there with what he and other employers are looking for in interns and recent graduates.

The insight he provided was invaluable. Then again, who wouldn’t want the inside scoop on what to expect before walking into an interview?

When Bianchi concluded his message, he suggested some reading for young professionals:

What Did Jesus Drive? – Crisis PR in Cars, Computers and Christianity” by Jason H. Vines and “The Power of Ownership” by John J. Bailey.

For me, any reading that can help your career is essential to your library.

I decided to read the John J. Bailey book about how to build a career and a business. The term “ownership” is the key message that is spread throughout this book as he takes the reader on a journey through his illustrious career in public relations and owning his own PR firm in the mid-1990s, John Bailey & Associates.

In his book, he provides the reader with “lessons learned.” I found these lessons beneficial to myself and any professional in the industry.

There are over a dozen “lessons learned” throughout “The Power of Ownership,” but five of them I found to be the most beneficial to a prosperous life and career.

Lessons Learned

  1. Stick your nose out there and get involved; you will learn a lot and gain invaluable experience.
  2. Work hard and try hard; you can make good things happen from bad.
  3. Always keep pushing yourself to learn and grow; don’t look back. And do what you do best.
  4. You must speak up when you have a point to make.
  5. Knowing people is a huge benefit. Luck and good timing is everything, but you must be ready to take advantage of the good luck. Build a network and keep it alive by staying in touch. When you have stopped learning and growing on the job, it is time to make a change.

“The Power of Ownership” is a piece of reading material that anyone looking to enter the professional world should take up. It is conversational, informative, entertaining and relatable. John J. Bailey was a lot like some of us who still do not know what the future holds.

Order this book ASAP from Amazon. You won’t be sorry!


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