Finding the perfect fit in PR

By Gretchen Maurer

Theo Tyson of Trinity Productions talked with us about what public relations looks like in the fashion industry–from interviewing to event planning. Similar to many fields there are different paths to take when it comes to the age old question, where am I going to work?

For those who have a drive for fashion, there are two main options for a PR role in fashion, agency and corporate. Sometimes when we picture working in the fashion industry, we see someone like Miranda Priestly. Unfortunately, life is not always as polished.

Tyson references finding the perfect fit for a job just like the fit of those favorite perfect pair of jeans. When they fit, they look flawless and everyone is asking where they can get a pair — a job works the same way. Working in-house for a fashion company like Dior, you live, breathe and believe Dior and what they stand for. Always follow your gut and how you feel about the company, from what they stand for to the work that they do. If you do not believe in the product you will not have as many successes as you would if you did believe in the company and its products. As Tyson says, “It can still be ugly if it’s Gucci.”

When touching on event planning and working in an agency setting she provided some great advice on how to communicate with clients — always under promise but over deliver. Do not set the bar too high right off the bat or make promises that you are unable to keep. Your clients will be happier when the event or program you are planning goes better than they could have expected.

There will also be times that what the company or client wants is much bigger than what you have room for in the budget. It is important to be creative, come up with the best solutions to maximize that budget that you are approved for. According to Tyson, the best thing that you can do is to be authentic, strategic and memorable.

This article was published in the Salute newsletter. Salute is the biannual newsletter that recaps the Chapter’s activities throughout the semester. To read the latest issue of Salute, click here.


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