How Mixer Night Encouraged Me To Join Wayne State PRSSA


Last week I attended the Welcome Mixer for Wayne State PRSSA. I am a transfer student from Oakland Community College so being at a new school this year is definitely a big but exciting change for me!

I first found out about this organization through an email from my academic advisor. Although I was a little nervous about attending the mixer, considering I did not know anyone, I knew it would help me step out of my comfort zone and see what the organization had to offer.

When I first arrived, a couple of girls were sitting at a table and greeting everyone as they came in. All of the members seemed very excited for us to be there and share lots of PRSSA information. Music was playing, and a lot of food was provided.

Once the meeting started, the members of the society all introduced themselves to us, and we got the chance to introduce ourselves as well and state our majors. The PRSSA members had us take part in a couple small group activities to further get to know each other.  14355026_10155336228139899_7279228739015469136_n

We were able to gain lots of information on what PRSSA is all about. This organization seemed like an awesome opportunity for me, and I knew after leaving this meeting that I was most likely going to become a member! This organization can really help lift off one’s career, even before graduation. They provide tours to public relations agencies right in Detroit that members can take part in, and even gain access to internships and job opportunities.

At this mixer, I found out that one of the members from last year went to Egypt for her internship–how awesome does that sound? I am looking forward to submitting my application for PRSSA, and I cannot wait to see what the future will hold for me and for all other students planning to join this year!

Some last quick points about joining PRSSA:

  •  Along with gaining access to exclusive agency tours with the Wayne State chapter, members get the chance to enhance their education! There are conferences one is able to attend. Also, members can potentially become leaders in the society!
  •  PRSSA will also get you exclusive access to scholarships that no one else in other chapters at Wayne State have access to.
  •  PRSSA can further your involvement with the community. Members have the chance to meet, shake hands, and network with other PR professionals in the Detroit area, maybe even potential employers!



MacKenzie Zoschnick is a transfer student from Oakland Community College. Her major is communications. She is officially a member of Wayne State PRSSA and is looking to grow within the group!


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