Helpful Tips from the Employees at Airfoil Group

by Natalie Cieslak

The agency tour took place at Airfoil Group’s Royal Oak location on Friday, October 7, 2016. The public relations and innovative marketing firm primarily handle technology-based clients, such as Comcast, Microsoft, SurveyMonkey and Parrot. We received the rundown on Airfoil Group’s history and received plenty of helpful tips on succeeding in the industry.

A mix of public relations and communication students from Wayne State University (WSU) and Eastern Michigan University (EMU) shared the meeting room. Business cards were swapped between students in preparation for PRSSA National Conference in Indianapolis that will take place later this monthCuLZ29pUIAAHtqB.jpg

Airfoil Group’s Vice President, Amy Bryson, shared her public relations background and encouraged students and practitioners to celebrate uniqueness in their personal PR path. In other words, be proud of the experiences you’ve had and the experiences you have yet to have.

She went on to explain, “Your natural strengths are always going to be your power. In agency life, if you’re not strong in a particular area, someone else will be.”

VP of Human Resources, Jennifer Akoma, emphasized the importance of plus-one skills, such as: digital, social media, marketing, content development, measurement and research.

On searching for a job in the industry, she said, “Networking and referrals are probably the number one way to get the job that you want.” On hiring, Akoma looks for professionals with plus-one skill sets and explains the best way to build those skill sets is through having a wide variety of internships.

Account Coordinator, Stephen Kurily, recently graduated from EMU in April of 2016. He was hired in at Airfoil Group at the end of May 2016. A few months before graduating EMU, Kurily created a blog that illustrates the industry from a pre-professional view.

In one of his interviews at Airfoil Group, he impressed the interviewers by mentioning his blog, which represents a plus-one skill set. Kurily said, “Writing is such an important skill in the industry. To be able to show that you can write well, and practice it often, is really impactful and can help set you apart from other candidates.”

Airfoil Group’s social media specialist, Meaghan Priebe, shared helpful tips on using social media to secure the job position of your dreams.

She urged students to keep a professional social media platform, such as Twitter, to strictly use to connect with PR community. This social media platform should coincide with an individual’s LinkedIn. Priebe also suggested following groups and companies you would like to work for and base your posts on that company’s aphorism.

The employers shared helpful insight to the pre-professional PR and communication students on succeeding in the industry. Such tips included the importance of social media and plus one skill sets, and to follow your own PR path. To say the least, the Airfoil Group agency tour was a success.

Natalie Cieslak 16-17

Natalie Cieslak serves as one of the 2016-17 Public Relations Coordinators. Currently, she is a junior with a major in Public Relations. After college, she would like to take a year off to do “outside of the box PR opportunities.”