No Nonsense Advice from Hirons & Company

by Delaney DeAngelis

In this day and age, it is hard to find strictly a “public relations agency.” As digital media blurs the lines between PR, marketing, and advertising, agencies often offer more than just public relations practices. Hirons is an example of this–they are a full service public relations and advertising firm located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Hirons offers the full package, including advertising, media relations and more.


DeAngelis with other PRSSA members on the rooftop of Hirons & Co.

The team at Hirons not only provided a tour of the organization, but enlightened us about the variety of positions available and responsibilities they required. In addition, Hirons offered us some advice for entering the workforce upon graduation:

Be proactive: When you have an internship, make sure your bosses know that you are interested. If you are interested in learning a specific task or program, ask them to show you.

Don’t wait: Don’t wait until the last day to apply for a job or internship. The sooner, the better. It will show that you are eager. And to really make an impression, deliver your resume or thank you note in person if possible.

Pay attention to detail: Read the local newspapers before your interview. The interviewer may ask you what was in the paper that day. If not, it is one more thing that will prepare you and give off a good impression. This is an important skill to have with regard to any type of writing one may do.

Do your research: It seems like a no-brainer, but research the company and interviewer before your interview. If you can bring up a client or a certain strategy they use, it is even better.

The Hirons agency tour was a success, to say the least. While it was quite a long walk from the National Conference location, it was well worth braving the cold. Not to mention, they have an incredibly adorable office dog, Hank.


DelaneyHeadShot About The Author: As this year’s Salute Copy Editor, Delaney DeAngelis makes sure every issue of the Salute follows the correct format for publication. Outside of PR, Delaney is passionate about music and currently writes for two music websites, Beyond the Stage and Sound Press Media.


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