Entertainment PR Advice from Warner Brothers’ Publicity Department

by Delaney DeAngelis

At the 2016 PRSSA National Conference in Indianapolis, three employees from Warner Brothers’ publicity department came to talk about what it is like to work in entertainment PR, specifically at Warner Brothers, and gave attendees some advice.

If you are interested in working in the entertainment industry, it can be great to have an internship specifically relating to that industry, but it is not necessary. The panel talked about the fact that one does not always get into the industry right after college, and that is OK. It may not happen in a year, five years, or even ten years after graduation, but it can happen if you want it enough.

The panel offered attendees some advice on getting into the industry, such networking as much as possible to find a way in. Email people in the industry to let them know you are interested, congratulate them for award wins or new launches, and ask them for help. Those people might just help you get into the entertainment industry.

Some important things to know about the industry:

It is hard to break through the clutter: Journalists can only write about so many things. As an entertainment publicist, you need to know what the show is about so you can create an appropriate, effective message for the right people.

There will always be a learning curve: You will not always know how to do every aspect of your job right off the bat. You may learn a lot from college, but gaining actual experience is what will help you along the way.

Be resourceful: No is never an answer. You always have to find a way to solve a problem for your boss or client.

Some final bits of advice from the panel were that the worst anyone can say is “no,” and a publicist should always have a pen.


DelaneyHeadShot About The Author: As this year’s Salute Copy Editor, Delaney DeAngelis makes sure every issue of the Salute follows the correct format for publication. Outside of PR, Delaney is passionate about music and currently writes for two music websites, Beyond the Stage and Sound Press Media. This PR major would like to work in digital/social media publicity and PR.