How to Ace Your Job Interview Using Celebrity Press Interview Techniques

As the senior tour marketing and press director for Allied Live, John Gilmour has prepared his fair share of actors for press interviews. These actors are responsible for representing the entire cast and crew of a show as it travels to numerous cities throughout the United States

Although job interviews may seem a large jump from press interviews, some of the same basic skills apply. In a job interview you are showing the interviewer who you are and you want to give them the best representation of yourself possible. Here are a few tips from the Michigan-based Gilmour for representing yourself in an interview.

It is not your job to fill space.
When answering questions during an interview, people may be tempted to give long, in-depth answers for every question. Sometimes interviews questions just require a succinct answer, and that’s okay. It is not your job to fill space during an interview, that’s the job of the person conducting the interview. Answer the question to the best of your ability and then stop talking. Things you don’t want said come out when you ramble.

Know your key points and make sure you include them.
It important to answer the questions asked during an interview. But, that doesn’t mean you have no control over what is said in an interview. Before the interview come up with a few key points you want the interviewer to know about you. Think of something that sets you apart from other candidates and find a way to make it relevant.

Direct the interview in the direction you want.
It’s normal to get nervous for a job interview, but just remember that you are being interviewed because they think you are right for the job. Show them that you are. Direct the interview in the direction you want.

Don’t distract from the message.
When getting ready for an interview, don’t let what you are wearing distract from what you are saying. Keep your outfit simple. Don’t wear a shirt with small prints. Wear something you are comfortable in and won’t be fidgeting with.

The bottom line is to walk into the interview as if you are the expert. Be confident and trust in the fact that the people interviewing you believe you can excel in this position.


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