Elevate Your Spring Break: Simple Ways To Improve Professionally During A Semester Break

By Becca Cooper

The semester is almost over since it’s finally spring break! Congratulations, especially to those who are about to graduate!

So, what in the world are you going to do with all this free-time? If you’re like me, you’re probably tempted by Netflix binging and oversleeping. Which is cool. But, avoid the regret of “what the heck did I even accomplish over vacation” by giving yourself the best gift of all this holiday season: the gift of professional development.

Wayne State University’s PRSSA has developed a Spring Break Checklist for you to maximize your time and catapult your career to the next level. Break should be a time to buckle down and get ahead.

Here’s your recommended Spring Break checklist:

Doing at least one or two of these things will make you feel good about yourself AND it looks nice on a resume. So get started right now!

About The Author: 


Rebecca Cooper: Chapter President

As the 2016-17 Chapter President, Becca Cooper serves as our Chapter’s major point-of-contact. But to her, the role is “pretty eclectic and not easily defined.” When asked why she chose PR as her major, Rebecca recognizes the importance of storytelling in today’s world and believes the “opportunities are only growing.” Along with PR, Rebecca is interested in learning how to code, watching Game of Thrones and in social activism. She also lives in Midtown and reminds us to remember the surrounding Detroit neighborhoods as well.