Meeting Meisner

On Tuesday, October 17th, successful and energetic public relations professional Mort Meisner came to speak to a group of students about the development of his career.  Mr. Meisner’s dynamic career speaks for the value of his advice. He began by giving everyone in attendance three of his business cards, which helped introduce his own firms: Mort Meisner Associates and GROW Cannabis Marketing. Mort Meisner Associates places talent in news, weather and sports, and GROW Cannabis Marketing provides public relations and marketing resources to developing cannabis businesses. His businesses, as well as Mr. Meisner’s history as a rock promoter, reporter and Emmy award winner, display the versatility of public relations as a profession. He describes public relations as “doing something good and getting credit for it,” and suggests that pre-professionals and professionals alike are smart about who they work with and how they work for them.

Mr. Meisner’s discussion was purposefully tailored to the goals of the students, and he used his personal business experience to give well-founded advice about the journalism and public relations industries. In both arenas, he advocated for persistence, relationship building, and gaining valuable and relevant experience early as his key tips for productive career building. Being open about honest achievements is also one of his interview tips, along with honesty, engaged body language, a positive attitude, and keeping calm. Certainly, he worked very hard to develop his personal career, and he says anyone who isn’t willing to do the same might not be meant for the industry. Mr. Meisner is respected for his ethical conduct in his business, and told students that it is never too late to do the right thing—whether it be acting morally in business practice or gaining relevant job experience.

To find out more about Mort Meisner, check out or


ABurgelAlex Burgel is a sophomore majoring in Public Relations at Wayne State. She works in Detroit at Hopcat, where she talks to lots of people about craft beer, and forces her roommate and cat to try her experimental vegetarian cuisine in her spare time. One day, she would love to do public relations or event coordinating for a non-profit. You can find her on Linkedin.


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