Donate To Wayne State PRSSA

Are you interested in helping out Wayne State PRSSA in our future activities? Donate to our organization today through the Wayne State Giving online server! Whether your gift will be by check or by charge card, here are just a few simple steps to correctly make a donation to us:

Step 1: Directing Your Gift Accordingly

G2WSU Step 1

Once you have logged into the link above, you will see the first step on the top of the page called “1. My Gift.” Put in your desired donation amount in the first box, then select “Schools, Colleges and Programs” to direct your gift to WSU PRSSA. Once that is chosen, select “Fine, Performing & Communication Arts” in the dropbox that’ll appear. Under “Areas of Support”, type in your desired amount once again in the “Communications, Department of” column.

Underneath the “Areas of Support” box, there will be a question asking “Is this a payment for an existing pledge?” If it is, please select “Yes.” If this is your first time donating, you will select “No.” Once you have selected your answer, you can move onto Step 2!


Step 2: Filling Out Your Personal Information

G2WSU Step 2

Once you have filled out Step 1, you will need to enter in your personal information, like name, phone number and address. If you have a Wayne State AccessID, you can select the first box underneath “2. Personal Information” and log into your account. Once you’ve successfully logged in, your personal information will be automatically filled out!

And remember to answer the other two checkboxes once your personal information has been filled out!

Whether or not you have an AccessID account, make sure to double check that all boxes are correctly filled before moving onto Step 3!

G2WSU Step 2 JointGift

When you select this box, you plan to include your partner’s name in your donation as well!


G2WSU Step 2 Connection

When you select this box, select the type of affiliation you have to Wayne State University!

Step 3: Including The Extra Gift Information

G2WSU Step 3

This is a very important part since this will let Wayne State know where exactly you want your gift to go to! Underneath “Extra Gift Infomation,” check the “I have additional gift information” box.

In the “Additional Information” box that will pop up, please write something that directs this gift to PRSSA and Laura Orme, who is the Director of Philanthropy for Wayne State CFPCA.

Once the “Additional Information” box is filled out, you will need to choose your form of payment.

  • If you are using a charge card, click the “Continue to Payment” box and proceed through the CastNet SmartPay system.
  • If you are paying by check, make sure you have access to a printer and click “Pay By Mail.” Another browser page will pop up, asking to print out all the information you just filled out. Print out this page and include it with your check.
    • Please make out your check to Wayne State University. You may include “PRSSA” in the memo section.
    • Laura Orme would love to see you in person! Save a stamp by making an appointment with her at (313) 577-5336.

Wayne State PRSSA thanks you SO much for your support!