14th Annual Alumni & Student Recognition PRSSA Breakfast


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Purchase your tickets now!

It’s that time of the year again: our annual Alumni and Student Recognition Breakfast!

That’s right–the 14th annual event has been transformed from a luncheon to better accommidate all of our expected guests. For us students and PRSSA members, this is only our biggest event of the entire school year and we’re inviting you to join us!


So why should I attend (a PRSSA member and current Wayne State student)?

Arguably the most beneficial perk of being a member, you will be surrounded by dozens of well-respected and active PR professionals in our community to connect with. This has lead to plenty of future opportunities for our members, including internship leads and job recommendations. At the least, you’re shaking hands and exchanging business cards with your sponsor, who may know someone who could help further your career.

A sponsor? What for and why?

All PRSSA members who are attending the breakfast must find someone to sponsor their $30 ticket price. A sponsor can be anyone who you see being a viable professional connection in the PR community. Members have been previously sponsored by professionals who they’ve networked with at a previous PRSSA event to their current boss at their internship. Attending the breakfast with a professional kickstarts the networking during this event. Many of the professionals attending know each other, so why not make the introducing part easier on yourself?

How do I ask someone to be my sponsor?

Once you figure out who you want your sponsor to be, you’ll need to write an email to them using the subject line “WSU PRSSA 14th annual PR Student and Alumni Breakfast Student Sponsorship Opportunity.” Then include the following in your original, professional writing voice and words:

  • A polite greeting and short introduction as to who you are (as a Wayne State student and PRSSA member).
  • A Who/What/When/Where/How of the breakfast.
  • A short paragraph inviting them to the event and to sponsor you.
  • Include the link to purchase tickets.
  • An attachment of the invitation graphic (located at the top of the page).

Remember to CC Ashley White, Vice President of Member Services, to your email. She’s keeping track of the guest list!

If you have writer’s block, get inspired by our sponsorship sample document. Remember not to plagarize!

And for whatever reason, if you don’t have your sponsor yet (or have any more questions)…

Don’t panic–just contact our Vice President of Member Services Ashley White right away. She can help you find a professional who is more than willing to sponsor you. She has you covered!