Angela Meriedeth



Angela Meriedeth
Public Relations Director
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Formally the Social Media Coordinator for our group, Angela is entering her senior year as this school year’s pubic relations director. The duties of this position include planning events on campus for PRSSA members (and occasionally non-members as well), learning more about PRSSA and other professional events which will help students in the field.

Angela is currently a Public Relations major with a minor in New Media Studies. But it wasn’t always her major.

“I started out as a journalism major, knowing that I loved to write.” She said. “When I took the Fundamentals of PR class, I knew it was a perfect mix of all of the things I liked including writing and event planning.”

Outside of PR, Angela keeps busy by being involved with her sorority, Kappa Delta, reading and spending time in Midtown and Downtown Detroit.

“I’ve lived in midtown for the best 3 years and couldn’t ever imagine commuting to school after living down here.” She says. “There are so many businesses opening up right now and I try to go to as many places as I can.”

When it comes to her future in PR, Angela is open to opportunities, even outside the city. But in the long-run, she would like to have a career in Detroit.

“Through different internships, I am trying to gauge what best fits me,” she says. “As of right now I am thinking a bigger-sized agency.


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