Sarah Nieuwkoop


Sarah Nieuwkoop
Vice President of Professional Development

As the Vice President of Professional Development, Sarah Nieuwkoop establishes and maintains a network of local industry professionals, spearheading professional development events and managing event and internship opportunities from local organizations.

When deciding her major as Public Relations and minor in Spanish, Sarah realized she “could blend” her hobbies with her career.

“I had been doing PR-like activities for a while and didn’t even know it! I was the dance chair for student congress in high school, so I was in charge of planning homecoming, our winter dance, and prom,” She says. “I also volunteer with several music venues and help promote concerts through the street team.”

This junior student’s passions outside of PR include traveling, community service and social activism.

“I have been volunteering in Detroit since middle school and have continued my volunteering through my sorority and through the Alternative Spring Break Detroit program at Wayne State,” she says. “Also, I love traveling to the city for concerts, community events and of course, for food!”

At the moment, Sarah would like to try out “a bit of everything” before choosing a specific kind of PR, but she has still set some future goals.

“My largest dream/goal is to create a music festival on Belle Isle that donates a large amount of its revenue to the city of Detroit,” she says.


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